How it works

Choose your donation amount

The first step is to choose your donation amount ($1 per day is the minimum), after which your card will be charged monthly. Due to card transaction fees, it would not be financially sensible to charge your card daily. The donor will receive one tax deductible receipt at the end of each financial year.

daily dollar will be your tzedakah conduit

Daily Dollar will then act as your ‘tzedakah conduit’, distributing 100% of your donations equally between the beneficiary charities.

Stay informed with regular updates

Understanding where your money is going, what sort of impact it is actually having and knowing that you always have the option to ‘opt out’ are important elements to giving. 

Daily Dollar will send you regular updates via text and email explaining which charities received your donations, how much they received, what the money will be used for and how you can get involved in other ways.

Importantly, the option to cancel your donation ‘subscription’ with Daily Dollar will always be an accessible and straightforward process.