The daily dollar team interviews prospective charities and carefully reviews their financial statements to determine whether they meet our selection criteria and to understand their structure, operations, financials, vision and needs. Following the selection process, we remain in communication and receive regular updates from our beneficiary charities.

Below is the charity selection criteria for our beneficiary charities:

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status

Provides benefit to the wider Jewish community

Reasonable and efficient allocation of funds and management of the organisation; and

The charity has a measurable financial need

If you’re representing a charity and believe you might fit this criteria, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

Beit Rafael

When someone is hospitalised, their greatest comfort is the presence of family. BEIT RAFAEL cares for the physical and emotional needs of families, whilst their loved ones are undergoing hospital treatment, by providing them with ‘a home away from home’.

BEIT RAFAEL was established in 2012 to provide crisis accommodation for the families who have a child receiving treatment at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Seeing the desperate need for this initiative, today there are three additional fully-furnished apartments, located at the Alfred, Cabrini (Malvern) and Monash Medical Centre.

To date, BEIT RAFAEL has assisted hundreds of families in our community and allows access to the apartments for as long as required, which could be a 24 hour period, several days or weeks, and unfortunately sometimes months.

Since 2012 BEIT RAFAEL has grown to provide many other services to our Community, such as Medical Shuttles, which assists patients to various medical appointments (360 shuttles per month) with an in-built wheelchair facility and trained staff.

Additionally, BEIT RAFAEL loans medical equipment, established a Kosher Pantry in Cabrini (Malvern) Emergency Department, provisions Patient Advocacy and facilitates an Advance (Health) Care Directive for those who are unable to communicate their wishes / instructions.

BEIT RAFAEL is also responsible for distributing in excess of 5,000 Shabbos Boxes per year to Jewish patients in various hospitals each Friday or Erev Yom Tov, so as to lift their morale.

C Care

C Care is a front-line community organisation based in Melbourne, supporting individuals and families experiencing food insecurity and social isolation. 

C Care currently supports nearly 1,500 people every week who are experiencing hardships, with an average of 3 additional referrals per day requesting assistance. Prompted by a rapid growth in demand over the past two years, C Care now provides a full range of personalised services, tailored to the specific needs of our recipients. These services include; pantry boxes, fresh produce packs, nutritious hot meals, buddy calls, pharmaceutical needs and low-cost $5 meals. 

C Care’s bespoke service offerings provide entry level, culturally appropriate and easy to access resources for vulnerable members of our community. These services are lovingly created and delivered by our predominantly volunteer workforce. 

C Care continues to focus equally on fulfilling our recipients’ needs, as well as creating a strong sense of community for all stakeholders – connecting our community through food and friendship.

Chag in a Box

Our vision is simple, we want to ensure that any family that is struggling to put food on the table for the Chagim (Jewish festivals) gets a genuine “Hug”. Our packages are filled with all the ingredients a family would need to make the Chagim special, from meat, chicken, matzah, wine, fruit, veggies – it’s all there!! Our unique sauce? It’s our volunteers! Uni Aged Students and Young Professionals from the Jewish community. We are engaging this age group to come out en masse, help us pack, help us deliver and learn to enjoy being a part of doing good things for others and the joy that comes with it. Doing Chesed is catchy, being good is catchy, being better is even catchier. At our core we seek to combine real assistance for people in the community that really need it, to be packed and delivered by the young people who are the future of our community.


FoodFilled is a youth-led food rescue charity dedicated to combating food wastage and alleviating hunger. We do this by partnering with retailers and charities, using our volunteer base of 230+ people to collect a retailer’s excess food and donate it to those in need. In under four years, we have fed 30,000 people and with the help of our 30+ retail partners, we are consistently feeding close to 2,000 people every month. 
While our main mission is to fight food insecurity and safeguard our planet, we are also creating an inclusive volunteer experience whereby people of all abilities are empowered to make a difference in their community. 
FoodFilled is also committed to educating youth on the environmental damage caused by excessive food waste and the unrelenting need for supporting those who are food insecure, inspiring young people to engage in social activism and community service.


Hatzolah Melbourne is always there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

When someone is suffering a cardiac arrest, it’s those first few minutes that really count, and Hatzolah helps bridge the gap between medical emergencies and the arrival of Ambulance Victoria.

Hatzolah is officially the largest Ambulance Victoria Community Emergency Response Team. We work together daily to save lives and improve patient care. With 10 new recruits in training, we are ensuring that Hatzolah can continue providing our lightning fast response times (average of less than 3 minutes in Caulfield area) to our community and beyond.

At the height of the pandemic, we stepped up for the wider community and assisted Ambulance with surge shifts, while also providing education through compelling webinars and social media.

Much more is planned: public access defibrillators, mental health, resilience and safe partying education, as well as revolutionary defibrillator solutions for the home.

Hatzolah Melbourne has built strong relationships with many organisations including Victoria Police, Fire Rescue Victoria, Monash Health, Australian Federal Police Glen Eira City Council and CSG to ensure our patients are receiving the best holistic care.

It is these relationships, combined with the courageous, uncompromised and dedicated response of our Dispatchers and Responders in the face of an astronomical increase in call volumes, which ultimately demonstrates how we truly are Better Together.

Flying Fox

Flying Fox is a youth-driven, not-for-profit organisation that provides social opportunities to people with disability. We believe that each and every individual should belong and be afforded the opportunity to participate as equal members of the community.

We run sleep-away camps for groups of young people with disability supported by young adult volunteers. Since Flying Fox’s inception in 2014, the organisation has run over 100 camps for over 350 young people with disability.

We train young adults to volunteer on these camps and work with people with disability. To date, Flying Fox has trained over 800 young adults to work in the disability sector and a further 3,000 school students have been educated by Flying Fox.


Impact is a completely volunteer charity committed to bringing hope to Victorian women and children fleeing extreme violence at home. More than 98 cents in every dollar donated is directed to fulfilling this mission.
Impact’s work has significantly grown and diversified since it launched in 2006. In the financial year 2021-22, nearly 2,000 volunteers packed 5,550 ‘Bags of Love’ for women in Victorian crisis refuges hiding from their abusive partners. Additionally, Impact packed 432 large ‘care packs’ for case workers to distribute on an as-needs basis, and 100 large bags of toys and school supplies for the children in hiding with their mothers.

Impact also provides financial loans and grants, offers advocacy and awareness training, and is funding a childcare service at Moorabbin Magistrates Court to enable mothers to finalise legal matters without distressing their children.

Impact successfully brings together men, women and children from a range of cultural and religious communities all of whom leave every agenda at the door other than the commitment to do something good for someone they don’t know.


Ohrsom student is an organisation that cultivates a culture of Jewish thinking and personal development. We create an environment that allows university aged students and young professionals to invest in their own journey of self awareness and growth, harnessing the powerful tools that Judaism has to offer.

Ohrsom Australia runs a number of different programs: Gap year, Ohrsom 1.0, Ohrsom 2.0, and most prominent, our 1-on-1 and group learning sessions. Connection to Jewish knowledge, identity, heritage and continuity, intertwined closely with character development and mentorship are the core tenets woven through everything we do. 

We are also building the Ohrsom community through Shabbat and Yom Tov meals, Purim functions and other engaging programs. Our students truly become part of the Ohrsom family – we celebrate simchas together in times of joy, and we cry together in times of sadness. 

By virtue of the relationships that we establish, the Ohrsom Australia team offers important personal mentoring to many of our students through the turbulent highs and lows of life. Each individual that taps into Ohrsom becomes a vital member of our community. Our families are invested, our homes are open, and so are our hearts. We love what we do and we love our people.